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BMS Microscopes available exclusively with VITTA Scientific

Priding themselves on delivering the importance of the highest quality and comfort, Netherlands-based BMS Microscopes are one of the leading manufacturers of microscopes and are available exclusively at VITTA Scientific.

With a wide range of different microscope types and accessories on offer, the BMS Microscope portfolio is appropriate for industry, healthcare, and research purposes.

Their core lines include the polarizing microscope series, the BMS C-series and the XL stereo range are supported with not only VITTA Scientific’s customer promise but excellence in quality and the following benefits:

– Easy to sterilise or disinfect to ensure cross-infection control, BMS Microscopes have ensured all optical surfaces, including eyepiece and objectives, are coated with an anti-fungus layer, and all metal parts are painted with antibacterial paint.

– Instilling confidence in every aspect, all BMS Microscopes are checked before despatch at the Netherlands warehouse, and after-sales support and expertise are on hand.

– All BMS Microscopes come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. The serial number of your BMS Microscope has automatically been registered. You can find your serial number, usually on the arm of the microscope. If you experience any issues with parts or workmanship, contact either BMS Microscopes head office or VITTA Education by telephone or email to start the streamlined claim process.

– Drop shipments are possible. Please enquire with our team for more information.

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